PP115R Two-or-Three-Pipe Snow Guard

Available Materials:
  • Aluminum with Stainless Steel base Plate
Available Finishes:
  • Mill Finish (standard)
  • Powder Coating (additional charge) using RAL TIGER Drylac® Exterior colors
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PP115R Two-or-Three-Pipe Snow Guard
PP115R Two-or-Three-Pipe Snow Guard
  • Designed to be fastened to wood or metal decking with insulation
  • Aluminum Bracket measures 6" L x 4" W x 5 1/8" H
  • Stainless Steel Base Plate measures 8" L x 8" W
  • 4 Metal Ferrules are designed to fit into insulation
  • Base Plate can be flashed with compatible target patch (optional)
  • Compatible Target Patch (available in many colors) bolts between Base Plate and Bracket, forming a compression seal
  • 3 configurations include 2-Pipe, 3-Pipe, 2 Hi-Pipe (Hi-Hole)
  • All configurations accept 1" OD Pipe (Tubing)
  • All configurations are compatible with the use of Ice Flags 
  • Internal Couplings, End Collars and End Caps are available for this system
  • Available in a multitude of RAL TIGER Drylac® Exterior Powder Coating colors
  • All of our snow guards are tested extensively in the field by roofing experts
  • Made in the USA using recycled materials
  • Compression seal creates a watertight barrier
  • Enhances the beauty of any roof
Applicable Roof Types:
  • New Metal Shingle
  • Existing Metal Shingle
  • Membrane
Available Configurations:
  • PP115R Two Pipe Snow Guard
  • PP115R Three Pipe Snow Guard
  • PP115R Two Hi-Pipe Snow Guard