Why is a Solar Snow Management System™ necessary?

Snow accumulates on a solar panel

Solar Snow Management Products by Alpine SnowGuards-

Solar SnowMax (SSM) -for optimum snow management- acts as a snow barricade system.

Solar Snow Pad -for controlled snow management and optimum solar panel function- allows snow to melt and fall from the solar panels in a safe non-avalanched manner.



The calculated snow load of a solar panel is approximately 800 lbs/panel (50 lbs/sf x 16 sf ave. panel). Solar panels (by their nature glass/hard roof surface, with no friction) allow built up snow to release in an avalanche manner, with the potential to cause serious injury, damage or even death.

The Solar Snow Pad allows snow and ice to melt and slowly slide off the panel's surface in a managed fashion, instead of releasing suddenly, like an avalanche.

The Solar Snow Management System patent-pending design:

  • attaches to the solar panel frame
  • does not penetrate or scuff the frame
  • more importantly, does not shade the collector surface
  • utilizes a "T" nut clamping design that will fit between panels set as close together as 1/8-inch
  • can be installed with ease during the initial array installation or can be retrofit into an existing system

What about shading? Alpine SnowGuards Solar Snow Management Systems are designed to prevent shading. Some shading will occur during the solstice, although not during the hours of collection. The Solar Snow Pad offers the lowest chance of shading.

What are my options for Solar Snow Management? Alpine SnowGuards offers two different systems for Solar Snow Management.

  • For optimum snow management - choose Solar SnowMax.
  • For controlled snow management and optimum panel function-choose Solar Snow Pad


Solar Snow Pad

Solar SnowMax


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