Solar Snow Pad T (SSP-T)


  • Back of pad is built like a snowplow
  • 2" wide pad - vertical array installation
  • 3" wide pad - horizontal array installation
  • Rated 300 lbs/pad. (average 3 pads/panel)
  • Holes in the downslope end so that rods
    can be inserted
  • Retrofit 3/8" rods creating a barrier
    system for points of egress


SSP-T-Nut Downslope View

SSP-T- Downslope View

  • Fits into the array in a vertical or horizontal joint wider than 9/16"
  • T-Nut turns to engage the back of the panel
  • Bolt feeds through the T-nut on the bottom for maximum adjustability


  • Mill (standard)

Solar Snow Pad Data Sheets


ASG Blue Curve

The Solar Snow Management System™

Why is it necessary?

The calculated snow load of a solar panel is approximately 800 lbs/panel (50 lbs/sf x 16 sf ave. panel). Solar panels (by their nature being glass/hard roof surfaces, with no friction) allow built up snow to release in an avalanche manner, with the potential to cause serious injury, damage or even death.

This system is designed to clamp to the solar panel frame, does not penetrate or scuff the frame and, more importantly, does not shade the collector surface. (read more)

ASG Blue Curve

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