SnowMax Fence-style Snow Guard for all metal roof types - even corrugated

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What is a snow guard? Snow guards are rooftop devices that allow snow and ice to drop off in small amounts or melt completely before falling to the ground. Alpine SnowGuards® snow retention products help prevent damage caused by avalanching snow and ice while enhancing the beauty of any roofing system. Historically used with slate roofs, snow guards are a practical, cost-effective addition to any sloped roof in cold-weather areas. We make traditional pad- and pipe-style snow guards from recycled stainless steel, brass and aluminum. Polycarbonate (plastic) pad-style snow guards are also available.

We manufacture our snow guards here in Morrisville, Vermont, USA. When you order from us you're getting quality materials in a quality product made with pride in America. We keep our most popular models and colors of snow guards in stock, others are made to order. Generally our lead time is two working days or less, except for custom powder coated snow guards. You won't experience long lead times with Alpine SnowGuards®.

Snow Guard Layout & Installation

Snow guards should be installed by roofing contractors or gutter installation companies. We recommended that snow guards be installed by roofing professionals, as proper attention must be paid to fastener strength, the structural integrity of the building and proper flashing of the product. We do not recommend any specific roofing contractors. Homeowners should check their local yellow pages, search the Internet or check with a local roofing/building supply company for contractors in your area.

Roof Snow Removal

Our snow guards are designed to help keep snow and ice from avalanching off the roof all at once causing damage to structures, landscaping, vehicles and people below. When more snow than expected accumulates on the roof, it should be removed to avoid damage to the roof, the building structure and anything below.

Heavy snow falls, drifting, and the gradual accumulation of snow and ice are conditions that can lead to roof collapses.

Remove excessive snow from the roof Remove excessive snow from the roof Remove excessive snow from the roof

Homeowners and business owners should remove excessive snow from roofs, if it can be done so safely and without risk of injury. Special attention should be paid to the height of your roof and the possibility of injury in a fall. Those who are not able to safely clear their roofs should call a contractor experienced in roof snow removal.

Everyone should also be aware of the health hazards of moving such heavy snow. Over exertion during snow removal can cause a range of health problems, including back injuries and heart attacks. [ Snow-Fall-Accumulation-2011.pdf ]

#235LF pipe-style snow guard for premium interlockng tile roofs.

Features & Benefits of Alpine SnowGuards®

  • Simplified snow guard installation, whether new construction or retrofit.
  • Pad and pipe style snow guards available for every roof type.
  • Innovative, flexible designs allow for custom pieces as necessary.
  • Snow guards available in painted steel, copper, lead coated copper, mill finished or painted aluminum, galvalume, or zinc.
  • Our products are based on years of experience and are extensively tested in the field and in our own testing facility.
  • Recommended snow guard layouts and other technical support provided free of charge by roofing experts.
  • Our snow guards are manufactured in Vermont, USA.
  • We use recycled materials whenever possible and our products qualify for credits under LEED®
Pad Style Snow Guards Pipe Style Snow Guards Standing Seam Roof Snow Guards
Pad-Style Snow Guards Pipe-Style Snow Guards Standing Seam Roof Snow Guards

SnowMax™ Fence-Style Retention System

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